Ways to Work Together

My work is hugely varied, and this website serves as only a sample of my work which exists largely off-line: in conversation, in the physical composition of rooms, the moving of the shit around, the fixing of the ‘half-a-hair-cut’, the almost done, the just need help with a corner or curtains or paint colour… and all the rest of the gigs that never get magazine-ready - because that was never the goal. I take the off-line part of this job very seriously. I’m happy to discuss the small to the outrageous and every thing in between. For me, Interior decorating isn’t about ticking items off a shopping list, and it certainly isn’t about “Big Reveals”; it’s about the process.

Contact me:

ph. 416.575.9339

e. jenn@hannotteinteriors.com


Complete interior design services from the dream to reality. I’ll help you navigate all the hoops, work with a contractor to make it happen, and ensure the vision and budget are met.




Maybe you pretty much know what you want, you definitely know what you like and don’t like, but you can’t see how to put it all together. Maybe you have narrowed down the backsplash options for your big kitchen reno and you’re exhausted from making decisions and you need a fresh pair of eyes. I’m available for hourly consults, or full concept creation that you can then work from to finish the job yourself.

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Not your average staging. I combine vintage rentals, with cohesive design and interesting story-telling to sell a home.

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